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In the Matter of

First Federal Bank of the Midwest, Plaintiff vs Bosserman Aviation Equipment, Inc., et al., Defendants

Supplemental Complaint Joining ProFlo Industries, Inc., Defendant

Before the Court of Common Pleas, Wyandot County, Ohio, Case #14 CV 0089

Court Ordered Receivership and Asset Liquidation of Bosserman Aviation Equipment, Inc.

On September 30, 2014 in the matter of First Federal Bank, etc. vs. Bosserman Aviation Equipment, Inc. ("BAE") before the Court of Common Pleas, Wyandot County, Ohio, the plaintiff prevailed in its request for the emergency motion for the appointment of a Receiver pursuant to O.R.C. 2735.0, and for the Receiver to take possession and control of the Collateral (as listed in the Security Agreements between First Federal and BAE / the Bossermans) consisting of BAE assets, inventory, accounts, equipment and general intangibles including, but not limited to, all accounts, instruments, rents, monies, payments and all other rights, arising out of a sale, lease, consigmnent or other disposition of any of the property described in the Commercial Security Agreements, Assignment of Contracts with Delta Airlines and World Fuel Services, MSO's for chassis and assignment of contracts and purchase orders, 1999 Dodge DUR (VIN IB4HS28ZoXF611632), inventory purchased from Duke's Transportation, 2008 Chrysler Viper (VIN 1B3JZ69Z88V200364), 1997 Dodge VGT (VIN 1B3FR69E3VV300379), 2000Plymouth Probe (VIN IP3EW65GXYV603579), 2003 Dodge ST1 (VIN 1B3JR65Z93V500588), 2004 Dodge SL1 (VIN 3D3HA16H24G270939, 2001 Dodge Viper (VIN 1B3ER69E41V703250), the real property located at 2327 State Highway 568, Carey, OH 43316 (and the personal property therein) for the purpose of marketing and selling the Collateral through auction (or otherwise with Approval), and to manage and operate the business operations of Defendants Bosserman Aviation Equipment, Inc. ("BAE"), and Terry L. Bosserman and Geralynn M. Bosserman.

On March 05, 2015, substantially all of the remaining assets of BAE were liquidated at auction as ordered by the Court .

On December 22, 2015, in the matter of First Federal Bank, etc. vs. BAE, before the Court of Common Pleas, Wyandot County, Ohio, the plaintiff prevailed in its request to file a supplemental complaint to join as defendants ProFlo Industries, LLC, Bosserman Automotive Engineering, LLC, and Terry N Bosserman.

All of the Intellectual Property of BAE was liquidated at auction and became the exclusive property SkyMark Refuelers, LLC, a Kansas Limited Liability Company. Inquiries pertaining to the Intellectual Property are directed to SkyMark Refuelers, LLC. SkyMark Refuelers, LLC did not assume any liabilities related to BAE, including but not limited to debts owed to customers pertaining to deposits paid for unfulfilled orders, obligations to fund warranty claims, and debts owed to suppliers for unpaid goods and services,

Order Appointing Receiver

Auction to liquidate assets of Bosserman Aviation Equipment

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